10:30 AM | Sunday

417 W. Santa Fe Ave.
​Flagstaff, AZ  86001

​(Located in Tranzend Studio)

Transforming Lives

Great visit Aug 10-12 with 

Minister Candidate Rev. Penny Honey

​Friday Aug 10: 6 pm Dinner at the Higgins' house

Saturday Aug 11: 1:30 pm Workshop at our regular meeting location
Do you know WHY?
(Based on the book Start with Why​ by Simon Sinek)

Sunday Aug 12: 1030 am Service, 
followed by a potluck lunch and community Q&A with Rev. Penni

A Letter from Minister Candidate Rev. Penni Honey

Hello Unity Family,

It is with great joy that I present this letter to my spiritual community. The relationship we have forged since 2011, when I first spoke at Unity of Flagstaff, is a great gift in my life.  I am honored to be considered a candidate. Gratitude to the Ministerial Search Committee and the Board for this opportunity and for the diligent work of this committed community. 

Through difficult discernment, enlightened discoveries and sometimes painful disagreements you have created UOF to be the community it is becoming. By remembering that there is but one power and honoring the divinity in each other, in all things, and by putting your efforts into action, UOF has demonstrated the Unity Principles. I have witnessed your willingness to keep going back to “Lessons Learned” while simultaneously “moving forward” with Spirit’s guidance. It has been a lot of work. AND… your time has come—it is NOW.

I liken my journey to the journey of the Ministry. There has been great discernment, hard decisions as well as some glorious discoveries, redefining of life-long beliefs and a deeper connection to Unity teachings. The effort to stay inspired, listen to Spirit and to continue even when I wanted to say “I'm done” — Sound familiar?

 So Why NOW? Well… “Cuz’… God says so”. The deep work that I have done, which is true for the ministry also, has impacted and amplified lessons and core values. Learning the difference between motivation and inspiration has been profound. To stay or be motivating all the time can be tiring. In contrast, pure inspiration comes from Spirit. It energizes. It is sustainable. The word inspiration means “the Breath of God”. I am ready to breathe more of that in.

I must LIVE an inspired life, not just catch it now and again. I sense this could be true for the ministry also.  I am no longer just motivated to work in ministry, I am inspired to it. Ministry is no longer a possibility for me- it is required of me.  The time is NOW.

And, “WHY ME? WHY Rev. Penni Honey?"   I can’t answer that for you. Only you as a community can decide that. My bio of 20+ years of Unity Ministerial experience, my seasoned speaking record, New Thought ordination and a resume of successful business experience is information to be considered. However, I am answering Spirit's push to do what I am called to do. If it is not a fit for UOF, I await the incredible possibilities for us all. I affirm the continued discernment and guidance of this congregation.

“There are opportunities everywhere, just as there have always been.” 
—Charles Fillmore

I stand with you in taking our next collective “breath of God”. And to that end, I humbly submit my application for Minister of Unity of Flagstaff.  Spirit leads.
Rev. Penni Honey

What's Happening at Unity of Flagstaff

Rev. Penni Honey is a New Thought interfaith ordained minister who has been studying Unity Principles for over 25 years. She served as Director of Operations for Unity of Phoenix, and Executive Director of The Unity Center in San Diego. She has served in multiple capacities in ministry for 25 years, as a board member, chaplain, volunteer coordinator, outreach director, teacher, and facilitator of Byron Katie’s “The Work”. Penni also founded It’s Possible, LLC where she works with ministers, boards, congregations and small businesses to build healthy culture within organizations. She specializes in supporting them through change or transition. She serves as a guest and motivational speaker throughout Arizona and California.

Penni worked as a Construction Project Manager for 10+ years managing large commercial projects where she used her education in Business Management and Speech Communications from ASU. She was a step mom to 5 children. Penni's planetary purpose is to: "Behold the divinity in herself and all others and to create environments where it is safe for that to be expressed."